Monday, December 2, 2013

Weekend Snapshots

This weekend I….

1. Went on a Black Friday shopping frenzy at Saks and Neiman and picked up the items I presaled earlier in the week. Thank God they gave customers the option to pre-sale this year to avoid the crazy crowds on the actual day. These are some of my favorite items I bought so far and have several more items that I bought online coming this week. I think it's time for a shopping hiatus. Again.

2. Restocked on my coffee beans from my favorite coffee shop, Stumptown Coffee, thanks to my sister who was visiting for the holiday break from NYC. I've been using these coffee beans on the daily ever since I was introduced to this brand by her and it's really hard to drink coffee from anywhere else now. You too would be converted once you take a sip of the coffee from glorious Stumptown.

3. Bought a new hydration lotion from a new to me Japanese skincare brand, Hada Labo. I initially read about this super popular brand in Elle magazine several months ago because it recently launched in the US and have been curious about the hydrator, especially since my skin is dry during the winter months. Apparently this stuff is so popular, the company claims it sells every 4 seconds in Japan. Considering it's fairly inexpensive compared to many high end skin care lines, I was quick to pick one up at Ulta. Fingers crossed it works well on my skin.

4. Spent much of my time with the family this weekend, especially since my sister was back in town. We have a couple of restaurants which we frequent when the whole family gets together, one of them being Maggiano's Little Italy (order the family style option!), which is where we dined at over the weekend. So much feasting has occurred since last week and now gym time is calling.

5. Picked up my brand new David Yurman bling from the store after receiving a call that my ring came in (my size was on order). I've been eyeing the citrine color for awhile now and am super happy with the purchase. I wore it all weekend, naturally.

How was your weekend?

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