Monday, February 16, 2015

Weekend Snapshots

This weekend I…

1. Woke up to leftover Georgetown cupcakes from the previous day so I had it for breakfast, naturally. Not pictured are the crumbs from the 4 other cupcakes I devoured the day before. Oops.

2. Had Spring on my mind when I received the prettiest bouquet of tulips for Valentine's Day. This frigid weather we've been having for the past couple of days has got me in serious hibernation mode.

3. Dined at Little Serow (sorry for the blurry pic but it's extremely dim lit inside). It's been a year since I've eaten here and once again, this place did not disappoint with their Thai dishes.

4. Started to organize some neglected travel photos from my phone and DSLR that I haven't had time to get around but will hopefully upload on the blog soon (picture taken from my Japan trip in April '14).

How was your weekend?

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