Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekend Snapshots

This weekend I….

1. Received my online order of this Theory leather jacket. I've been on the hunt for a black moto leather jacket and haven't had much luck due to either fit or cut but this Theory one is something that comes close to what I'm looking for. I have two more leather jackets I ordered online which is on its way later this week so we shall see.

2. Needed some downtime to myself and relaxed with some food magazines for some inspiration on upcoming meals. Glossies, coffee, and my favorite tunes in the background is my idea of a total relaxation in the morning.

3. Met up with a good friend for a catch up and work venting session at Victoria Gastro Pub. We've both been stressed out due to work and since we share a love of the restaurant's duck fat fries and libations, it seemed like the obvious choice to dine at. We also talked about planning a trip together in late February to someplace warm…perhaps Belize?! Oh and sorry for the slightly blurry food picture! I was too hungry to care enough to retake the picture. That's just real life.

4. Found the gold hardware Hermes CDC leather wrap bracelet that's been on my wish list forever! I always see the sliver hardware wrap bracelet in stores but the gold one is rare to find and while I was just window shopping, the sales lady informed me that one just came in that the size I was looking for (it comes in two sizes). I mean, talk about good timing.

How was your weekend?

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