Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekend Snapshots

This weekend I….

1. Got lots of use from my new running sneakers I bought while in Japan. I've read that it's better to alternate between at least two running shoes and have been eyeing this brand, Mizuno prior to my trip after reading such great reviews on it. After finding out it was a Japanese brand, I put it on my shopping list for Japan. One of my favorite purchases from the trip!

2. Checked out TruckerooDC with Melanie, which is a once monthly food truck festival held from Apr-Oct with several participating Washington, DC food trucks. It's a great event if you want to sample several different foods from various food trucks all in the convenience of one shared area. I only wish there were more participating vendors (about 20 trucks were there). We later headed to Red Light, a new bar/dessert place that opened up in the past month that I've been wanting to check out. Nice concept with awesome drinks but they could curate the menu a bit better with the dessert section. I also overheard a waiter tell a nearby table that the kitchen was closed (at 8:30pm!) because they were backed up. I mean...

3. Went to one of my favorite wine bars in VA, called Screwtop Wine Bar. Work has been busy so unwinding with vino, cheese, and sliders after work was the prefect way to close out the night.

4. Had the opportunity to have my teeth whitened by Dr. Obeid, a cosmetic dentist who practices in the Chevy Chase, MD area. When you walk into the office, you immediately notice the extremely clean and contemporary decor of his practice which is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I had several questions for him since this was my first time getting my teeth whitened and he was so patient, informative, and very professional. The pros of this procedure are obviously your teeth looking white,  and the cons would be that it takes about 1-1.5 hr which can get uncomfortable at times while trying to lay still in the chair, and you can't drink coffee/tea/red wine for the next 48 hrs after the procedure. All of those apply to me, especially the coffee part so I was struggling the whole weekend with out my coffee. Oh the sacrifices you make for beauty;) Thanks again Dr. Obeid and your extremely gracious team. Please check out his lovely practice HERE.

5. Made coconut maple granola. Again. I've recently started using coconut oil in my cooking in place of canola/vegetable oil after reading the health benefits from it (even the check out lady at World Market kept raving about it as soon as she saw my purchase). Anyway, this new granola recipe is now dubbed as my go to granola recipe. It's so good as in borderline addicting. I made it last week and my stash has already depleted so I made it again this weekend. Will share the recipe soon!

How was your weekend?

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