Monday, July 7, 2014

Weekend Snapshots

This weekend I…

1. Went blueberry picking at Homestead Farm in Maryland. I absolutely love going to the farm to pick fresh fruits when they're in season (peaches are next!) and it makes me weirdly giddy. By the end of the picking I ended up with 5 lbs of fresh, plump, sweet blueberries.

2. Watched the fireworks in Washington, DC with an amazing view of the monument and the capital. It was the perfect backdrop and location (rooftop of a friend's work building), away from the crowds.

3. Upgraded my passport case to a new one. I've been on the eye for a simple and classic style that isn't trendy and this Chanel case is it. Love.

4. Dined at The Red Hen. I attended The RAMMYs a couple of weeks ago (basically the Oscars for DC restaurants) and The Red Hen won for best new restaurant of the year and their chef won rising culinary star of the year so naturally we had to check it out. Highly recommend ordering the burrata  and the made in house fennel sausage ragu. I'm still thinking about both dishes...

5. Hosted dinner and made a baked tilapia with herb butter, couscous, and a new vegetable dish that's been on constant rotation the past couple of weeks. Considering I'm not the biggest fan of vegetables (slowly changing), I came across a recipe that uses raw summer squash and zucchini for a salad. Umm it is so dang good. I used a vegetable peeler to make ribbons from the vegetables so it looks like pasta and dressed it with a home made green goddess dressing and chopped walnuts. It was basically the highlight of the night for everyone. Woot woot.

How was your weekend?

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  1. I love the passport case!! It looks like you had an amazing weekend! I love your blog is so unique. :)