Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekend Snapshots

This weekend I….

1. Added this new Alexis Bittar necklace to my accessory drawer, after stalking it ninja style, waiting for it to drop in price. Today is the last day for Bloomingdales friends and family sale for extra 20% using code HOLIDAY. Thanks to my sis for the heads up.

2. Watched another documentary from Netflix called Blackfish. I've mentioned several months ago I've been on this documentary kick and it hasn't changed…if anything my interest for documentaries have intensified. It sounds nerdy but I find them fascinating. Anyway, the most recent ones I've seen so far are Fat, Dead and Nearly Dying, Spinning Plates, and Blackfish. I highly recommend watching all of them, especially the first two if you are interested in food. Blackfish, however has nothing to do with food but focuses on a killer whale at SeaWorld who ends up killing his trainer and interviews former SeaWorld trainers who tells you what goes behind the scenes with training these whales. It was horrific and saddening to watch the emotional/physical abuse that occurs (have tissues ready) and it's only deepened my major dislike of places like SeaWorld and Ringling Bros. Please watch.

3. Received the last of my Sephora stash from their friends and family sale that occurred last week. Most of the products I ordered are things I needed to restock on but I'm especially happy to have bought a new perfume I've been eyeing--Carven. I'm not a huge perfume person (only own Chanel Chance) because I just don't care for perfumes and a bit particular with scents; however when I first smelled this at Saks Fifth Avenue a couple months ago I was hooked. It's light and sweet with soft notes of floral. Love.

4. Finally checked out Compass Rose Bar, located in Washington, DC. The menu of this gastropub is a collection of international dishes from various countries the chef has traveled to. Loved the cocktails and low key atmosphere of this place and it was fun trying out different dishes that didn't focus entirely on one type of food. Unfortunately they don't take reservations so prepare to wait.

5. Took another pilates class this weekend. I started trying pilates (with the reformer machines) and it's...hard. My thighs and arms burn after class but I suppose that's a good sign. The past couple weeks I have been trying out different studios via classpass (cycling, pilates, purebarre) and I will do a collective review on all the studios because not all studios are created equal.

How was your weekend?

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