Monday, November 9, 2015

Monday Ramblings

Hi all! Just wanted to say a quick hello! November has creeped up on me as October was a bit of a whirlwind with travels every other week to NYC, SF, and SD. I am preparing a food and travel guide on places in SF and SD for you so please be on the look out for that soon:)

Hope you all are enjoying the Fall weather we've been having before Mother Nature blasts us with the winter chill. I went hiking to Raven Rocks over the weekend to catch the last bit of foliage for the month and to incorporate some sort of outdoor fitness before the weather changes to freezing. The hike is part of the Appalichian Trail and I'd rate it as intermediate level with a good balance of incline and decline (about 5.5 miles). The overlook is pretty amazing and worth all the steep incline.

This quote has been resonating with me lately because it's something that makes a difference for me when it comes to admiring and respecting people in both my professional setting and personal life. I've noticed more and more that there are many people who are really good with words but not very good at following through. It's always been important for me to follow through with promises I make towards friends/loved ones because I believe that itself builds a trust factor which I think is a key foundation in building a relationship of any type. It's been a learning process to acknowledge that not everyone operates like that and is something I am trying to be more accepting of.

Last month, I kept saying I want to go hiking before winter comes but due to a mix of travel, working on weekends, and tiredness, I kept putting it off. Anyway I finally got around to it this weekend and set my alarm to 7am (with rumblings) to hike this trail that's been on my list for awhile now. It also helped that my friend was encouraging and wanted to go hiking as well! A small feat but felt a sense of personal accomplishment that I just...did it.

Hope you have a great start to the week. Xo.

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