Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Snapshots

This weekend I...

1. Bought a new book to read. I'm looking for books to bring with me to my long trip to Portugal coming up and I've heard great things about The Alchemist, so this is on my next read list. I might start reading it before the trip which means I'll probably need to buy another one. Suggestions are welcome.

2. Made this AMAZING buffalo chicken mac n' cheese. The prep time to make this dish was long but the end result was so worth it. The boy and I had 2-3 servings and a lot of 'mmmm' was said in between bites. Recipe is from Bon Appetit magazine and will be coming soon.

3. Relaxed with a glass(es) of night and caught up with the latest issues of my favorite food magazines. I've had an intense week at work last week where it required me to stay after hours and all I wanted to do was just stay in and just relax.

4.Received this lovely tweed jacket courtesy of SugarLips. I love tweed jackets and the leather trimmings on this jacket is so perfect for fall.

5. Played tennis with the boy. Tennis is one of the few sports I still play and with the perfect, comfortable weather we had yesterday, it was a great way to seize the weather.

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