Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Snapshots

This weekend I....

1. Started looking up vacation getaways for next month (pic from my Bahama vacation last year). I have a couple of weeks off from work in August and half that time will be used as a staycation to rest, sleep in plenty, and take care of little things I've been putting off. Hopefully the rest of the time will be for a quick getaway to either Mexico or The Caribbean. Still looking up for last minute package deals.

2. Started to plan recipe ideas for the next couple of weeks while enjoying my favorite summer salad, caprese salad. Fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, home grown basil, all drizzled with olive oil and balsamic glaze is perfection.

3. Received my online order from Cusp I placed early last week. I was hoping that these DVF leather shorts and Clover Canyon dress would work out but both items will unfortunately be going back. The leather shorts were a bit loose on the waist and the dress made a weird billowy shape around the midriff area when worn. I purchased a Clover Canyon dress (their cut and prints are amazing btw) with sleeves about a month ago, which fit nicely, so was a bit surprised that the sleeveless version didn't fit right.

4. Had dinner at Mussel Bar in Bethesda, MD. Fortunately the humidity died down after the sunset so we decided to sit outdoors. I just love dining al fresco during summer evenings.

5. Perfected my green smoothie game. I've been testing different green smoothie recipes and decided to add dates to my usual green smoothie. Unbelievably good. Trust.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Yum. I really should be making more green smoothies.