Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend Snapshots


This weekend I....

1. Invited a friend over for dinner. We haven't seen each other in a couple of months due to our work schedules (she's also a pharmacist w/ nonconventional work hours) but finally found a day to meet. Instead of going out for dinner like we usually do, I invited her over for dinner because there are just some days I prefer to dine in the the comfort of my home. I made baked tilapia with herb butter, couscous with apricot vinaigrette, caprese salad, and a trifle berry for dessert. The tilapia and couscous recipe have been bumped up to one of my favorite things to make--so good. The first thing my friend said after taking a bite of the fish was, "Linda....this is restaurant quality. Maybe better." Not sure if she was exaggerating but hey, I'll take it.  Our meal and conversation lasted for about 4 hours (we had tons to catch up on!) and she left happily stuffed.

2. Received a bucket full of fresh blueberries from my parents. They went berry picking at Butler's Orchard in Gaithersburg, MD and dropped off a huge bucket for me (thanks umma & appa!). One of the things I made with the berries was a berry trifle dessert. I bought some pound cake, made pudding, and layered it with the blueberries and strawberries. I had friends come over throughout the weekend and assembled this easy dessert for them to snack on.

3. Put together a little care package for my sister living in NYC. She's currently doing her anesthesiology residency and expressed to me recently that her program is wearing her thin. I decided to surprise and send her some of her favorite snacks and candy, along with a recent and highly addicting discovery (Justin's chocolate hazelnut butter spread). I've been shamelessly spreading it on everything from toast to bananas to apples, and just straight up eating it by the spoonful. The timing was perfect with the care package because she received it after working a 24 hour call. Mission accomplished.

4. Stopped by the Saks designer sale and came out with a Nancy Gonzalez crocodile purse, Alexander McQueen scarf and a pair of Michael Kors shoes. I also ordered some clothes online that should be arriving earlier this week....

5. Went to May's Restaurant for all you can eat crabs. Growing up in Maryland, this is a summertime tradition for me so when I read reviews on this place a couple of months ago, I put this place on my radar for places to try soon. I asked Mel if she was interested in going and she immediately said yes. I love having friends who have such enthusiastic attitude about food (a common thread amongst my group of friends). The AUCE comes with hush puppies, fries, and crabmeat soup which were all mediocre at best; but, the steamed crabs were good. All were good sized, seasoned with Old Bay (a must), with plump, juicy meat when cracked open. Will be going back again.

How was your weekend?

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