Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend Snapshots

This weekend I....

1. Took a 4 day trip to NYC to visit my sister. It's been a busy and fun weekend in the city so far and since I took pictures to document things, I thought I'd share on my Weekend Snapshots, especially because it's been awhile;) Since she knows how much I enjoy food, she suggested we leave Manhattan for the day and take a ferry ride to Williamsburg to visit Smorgasburg in Brooklyn. It's basically a food market where various vendors (over 100) set up shop and sell their food. It is truly a glutton's paradise. The weather was amazing and it was just so relaxing to sit outside, people watch, and enjoy the view of the city.

2. Visited the Brooklyn flea market as well. Jewelry, clothes, and other random trinkets were sold at the market, but I didn't really see anything to my liking so left empty handed.

3. Finally checked out the Big Gay Ice Cream shop. It's been on my food list for awhile and we braved the long line at 11pm to get our ice cream fix. I ordered the Salty Pimp which is vanilla ice-cream that's been injected with dulce de leche, sprinkled with sea salt, and dipped in chocolate. Really plays well with the sweet and salty factor but not sure if I would stand in line again for the ice-cream. I'd definitely go back sans line.

4. Found out from my sister about a ping pong spot in the city called Spin. I know this sounds uber dorky but I LOVE ping pong. I mean, there are pool halls set up like this so why shouldn't there be a ping pong hall?? Makes total sense to me. My sis invited some of her friends out to play since they enjoy it as well and it basically turned out to be a fun night full of rallies, dinner at an amazing Szechuan place (Cafe China) and Pinkberry froyo afterwards. Sorry but no pics to document the food because I got lost in the food that kept coming and the conversations;)

5. Ended the evening by trying to walk off all the food, especially because the weather was so gorgeous at night. I can't help but love this city.

How was your weekend?


  1. Wow, this looks like a fantastic weekend!! I still need to go to the Brooklyn Flea Market & I've heard good things about the Big Gay Ice Cream shop :) This post is getting me excited for my NYC trip next month!!

    1. Highly recommend both places! Hope you're doing well Waverly!!:)