Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend Snapshots

This weekend I…

1. Met up with my friend Meg, a fellow DMV blogger whom I've gotten to know over the year for an overdue dinner and drinks date at Founding Farmers. Needless to say, we had loads to catch up on. Good times, as always.

2. Added two more pairs of Blank NYC jeans to my growing collection. I recently found out about this brand over the past 6 months after ordering a pair of well fitting leather pants from this line and have been consistently impressed with the fit as well as their price point. I ordered these distressed jeans and these black utility jeans online which arrived over the weekend. Keepers.

3. Had dinner with my dear friends Mel and Carla at Ambar, located in Capital Hill. The original plan was to grab dinner at Rose's Luxury but it was a 3 hr wait (they don't take reservations) which was not gonna fly with us. I had a feeling this restaurant was going to gain popularity quickly when I dined there the month it opened, but a 3 hr wait? Come on. But, Ambar worked out well since it's been on my "bookmark" list and we opted for the AYCE drinks/small tapas for $49. A great option to try out many plates on the menu when going with several people. The dishes that stood out to me were the trout spread, grilled calamari, brussel sprouts w/bacon, roasted mushroom crepes, and mussels. No food pics because it was too dark inside.

4. After finishing dinner at Ambar, we met up with our friend Elle and her friend Sarah at Barmini, a bar owned by Jose Andres and connected next to his Minibar. As soon as you walk in, you feel like you're walking into a modern Alice in Wonderland space. Apparently they have over 100 cocktails on the menu but the amazing mixologists can pretty much cater to whatever you request. How cute is the little pill capsule to insert the bill inside? I have never been impressed with a bar until I stepped into Barmini and would highly recommend this place for post dinner drinks with your date or girlfriends (reservations are required). Such a fun night spent with awesome ladies:)

5. Had some time to myself Sunday morning and spent it with the usual suspects: coffee, nail polish, food magazines, and browsing Pinterest. Much needed time to unwind.

How was your weekend?

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  1. what lovely 'grams! I've been dying to try AmBar!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra
    PS Be sure to enter my giveaway to win a tee or tank from By Luciana!