Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bling: David Yurman

When it comes to accessories, jewelry is a definite weakness I have. I believe in investing money with certain pieces because they are something that you can continue to wear for years to come and possibly pass down to your children. Don't get me wrong, I adore shoes and bags, but, I think that jewelry means the most because there is always a story behind each necklace, ring, bracelet, etc. Whether it was gifted by your significant other, passed down from family members, or bought for one's self, it has a story to tell. For me, I grew up watching my mom wear David Yurman pieces. As a kid I didn't think much of it because it looked too "adult like" but as I grew older I understood why she appreciated each sophisticated Yurman piece.  He has now become one of my favorite designers and a staple in my outfits. 
14mm Pave Diamond Infinity Necklace
I've been searching for a simple pendant for awhile now and I came across this necklace. I love that the design of the pendant is simple and not too extravagant yet the pave diamonds adds an elegant and "bling" factor to it;) It had to come home with me...

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