Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Snapshots

This weekend I...

1. Got a call from my sister who told me there's an Alexis Bittar sale with jewelry priced at extra 50% off. This is one of my favorite jewelry designers (and apparently Michelle Obama's too!) so I was ecstatic to find out that the ring I've been eyeing for months has been further reduced. It's been sold out in-stores at Neiman Marcus and Saks so I thought there was no chance in getting that ring but the actual store had it in stock! Sometimes, it's worth it to be patient.

2. Went to the drug store to pick up some last minute travel essentials in preparation for my upcoming trip to Costa Rica. I'm leaving next weekend and couldn't be more happier to escape this freezing cold weather the East coast has been having and bask in 80 degree temperatures instead. Vacation countdown has officially begun.

3. Went to go eat xiao long bao (soup dumplings)at a recently discovered and opened Shanghai restaurant in Maryland. For the longest time, Maryland/DC didn't have a place that make delicious soup dumplings and I couldn't be more happier then to discover Shanghai Taste located in Rockville, MD. It's no Din Tai Fung but for now, this will satisfy my xiao long bao cravings. Warning: the menu is all in Chinese.

4. Sent out several thank you cards in the mail for friends who attended my housewarming party last weekend. All came bearing gifts and I just wanted to write them a personal note of thanks for coming. I love receiving snail mail and feel like it's a lost form of etiquette these days due to the electronic route. It definitely took some time to write all those cards but all worth it in the end.

5. Cooked dinner (Baked Ziti) using a recipe from America's Test Kitchen and invited my friend Mel and her husband over for dinner. She's been watching my dog, Mandu for the past couple of days since my parents have been on vacation and my work schedule consisted of long hours last week so I wanted to treat them both to a home cooked meal. Sunday nights are made for home cooked meals and sharing that with friends is a bonus.

How was your weekend?

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