Monday, April 1, 2013

Weekend Snapshots

This weekend I....

1. Made a key lime pie for the first time. I'm hosting a dinner party for some close friends in a couple of weeks and I'm thinking about baking a key lime pie for dessert. I wanted to test the recipe prior to the party so I know if it'll be a go or no go and this is definitely a go. Sorry I don't have a picture of the final product but I was too busy enjoying the dessert while FaceTiming with my sister. Priorities. 

2. Checked out a wine and cheese bar in Arlington, VA which has been on my radar for awhile. It's called ScrewTop Wine Bar and Cheese Shop and is now my go to wine bar for Virginia. The atmosphere is laid back and decorated with a wall full of different wines that you can buy off the shelf and also serves entrees other then cheese and charcuterie if that's not your thing. We enjoyed the wine we drank with our meal that night so much that we bought two bottles to bring back home. Definitely will be back.

3. Went shopping for a black bag. I've been considering buying the Celine Trapeze bag for awhile now (not a fan of the Luggage style) but the store didn't have the color I wanted in stock that day so the sales associate said he would call me when they get another shipment in a month. I'm still not 100% certain I'm going to buy it only because the weight of the bag is a big heavy for me. Keeping my options for a black bag open for now.

4. Didn't buy the Celine bag but instead bought Celine sunglasses I've been eyeing for awhile. I love my Stella McCartney sunnies to pieces but it's time for a change and with the warmer weather ahead of us, these are kinda perfect for summer time. Love them!

5. Had a little Game of Thrones viewing party that involved drinking the wine we bought from the wine bar this weekend and munching on various cheeses and cured meat. I don't follow too many TV shows religiously except for Game of Thrones so I was stoked to finally have the new season start again. 

How was your weekend?


  1. Ahh I am thinking of investing in a new spring bag and Celine has been at the very top as well xo

  2. Could you please share your key lime pie recipe? And also, where on earth did you find the coveted Celine sunglasses?!

    1. Hi Holly, I'm going to be baking it again this weekend for some friends so will have the recipe post ready by next week. If you need it sooner, I used the recipe from America's Test Kitchen (super simple and super delicious). I found the Celine sunnies at the Saks store in DC! Xo.