Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekend Snapshots

This weekend I….

1.  Was feeling a bit tired and didn't feel like going out so I pretty much decided to stay in the whole weekend. I know, old lady situation going on here. I also had a craving for shrimp pad thai so I cooked up the dish and had a nice relaxing night in with lots of vino. Win.

2. Finally made chia jam using strawberries. I never realized how sweet store bought jam is until I made this incredibly easy chia jam so will most likely be making my own jam from this point on. Toast+almond butter+strawberry chia jam=NomNomNom. Move over avocado toast. Will post recipe soon.

3. Received a call from my SA at Hermes. I have been eyeing the Evelyne bag for awhile now and put my name on the wait list for this bag in the classic orange Hermes color.  Well, the call finally came and I am now the proud owner of my first Hermes bag!!!!!!!!!!!

4. Had a BBQ session to close out the weekend. We had leftover veggies from last weeks CSA stash so decided to grill it all (zucchinis, corn, snow peas, fingerling potatoes). Grilled veggies are just so darn good--in fact, anything with that charcoal taste is delicious which is why we also threw in chicken thighs and a leftover peach on the grill (amazing btw). There are only a few weekends of August left so grilling is going to be squeezed in as much we can because…summer. Next up, grilled homemade pizza.

How was your weekend?

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