Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Snapshots

This weekend I...

1. Dined at District Kitchen for the first time with several of my friends. It was our first time trying out this restaurant and all 14 of us enjoyed it. The interior has exposed bricks all throughout the restaurant which gives an industrial look to it, which I love.

2. Bought an orchid thing-a-ma-jig from T.J. Maxx. for my bathroom. Ideally I want my bathroom to have a spa like feel to it and thought this orchid would give a sense of serenity. I love finding random home stuff at that store because it can be a treasure hunt with a very affordable price tag.

3. The boy took me to see La Cage Aux Folles at the Kennedy Center. Unlike me, he's not really into musicals but he said he liked this one haha. It's the story of a gay couple who have a son that wants to bring his fiancee and her ultra conservative parents home to meet them. Along the way there are entertaining and funny adventures the couple has to encounter.

4. Finally had the chance to finally wear this necklace I bought from Neiman Marcus a couple months ago out to dinner. The iPhone picture does it no justice on how it looks in real life. It really is such a gorgeous piece.

5. Overdosed on sushi with the family. Enough said.

6. Dined at BLT Steakhouse with the boy. They gave complimentary popovers and chicken liver pate to start with and both were delicious. I ordered the filet (which was cooked to perfection) and the truffle mash and well, let's just say I was savoring each bite of the mash. I mean, it's truffle--how can anything taste bad when adding truffle?

7. Received home made gummies from a good friend. How amazing is that?

How was your weekend?

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