Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Snapshots

This weekend I...

1. Traveled to Orlando, Florida to attend my good friend's wedding. I stayed at the Orlando World Center Marriott which is probably one of the biggest hotels I've ever stayed at. Whenever I travel, I like to bring my gym shoes in case I have some time to get some fitness in. Fortunately, I did have some time to work out so bringing my sneakers wasn't a waste of space in my luggage. For the wedding ceremony, I wore a red cocktail dress and brought my trusty Chanel clutch.

2. The wedding took place outdoors and it was a traditional Indian ceremony. My friend looked absolutely beautiful and the guests were given bubbles to blow at the end. Another good friend of mine from DC also attended the wedding and let me borrow her sari for the reception.

3. The reception set up was gorgeous. The centerpieces were made of ice sculptures and the whole night was a fun celebration of the couple. The bride had this amazing drummer play throughout the reception and he would play beats along with whatever song the DJ played at the moment. I want that drummer for my wedding.

How was your weekend?

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