Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Snapshots

This weekend I...

1. Was invited to a 'Media Maven and Mimosa' spring trend preview event at Neiman Marcus in Tysons Galleria, VA. They graciously provided breakfast and mimosas while they explained and showed spring trends that will be huge for 2012. Florals, pastels, neons, tweed, clutches, and yellow (the new neutral, referred by Ken Downings) are where it's at this spring. Get on it people.

2. Met with Melanie for dinner at our favorite Korean fried chicken place (BonChon) to catch up on life happenings. Good food+good conversation= good night.

3. Unexpectedly scored Le Creuset items from TJ Maxx for a great deal! I imagine making hot appetizer dishes in these...yum. I was debating between yellow and red and decided to buy the red colored ones. I'm such a sucker for red.

4. Finally took the plunge and bought the Louis Vuitton leopard scarf. I've been lusting after this scarf for over a year now because of the hefty price tag on it and decided to take advantage of Saks Fifth Avenue's reward point system they were having last week and buy the scarf. It's beautiful, soft, and luxurious and am excited to start debuting her in my outfits for you. I see this as another investment piece because leopard is here to stay, indefinitely.

5. Came across a dog recipe that I will be making today. It's my dog, Mandu's bday today (!!!) and he will be spoiled even more then usual. If these treats get the Mandu stamp of approval, I will be posting this recipe for you guys soon!

How was your weekend?


  1. happy bday mandu! and always good times over bon chon - mm hmm <3

  2. Le Creuset is a major swoon! Good score miss, those look lovely!

  3. I love the recipe for dog biscuits! Happy Birthday Mandu!

  4. Oh great stuff. I love that you got a scarf that you have been coveting and that you got some Le Creuset for a great deal.