Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend Snapshots

This weekend I...

1. Traveled to NYC to visit my sister. The weather was gorgeous and comfortable and we basically did our favorite things: eat and shop. One of the first food stops we went to was Num Pang, a Cambodian sandwich shop. The 5 spice pork belly bahn mi is a favorite amongst customers and is now a favorite of mine. It's a bit more expensive then the usual cost of a bahn mi sandwich but I think it was well worth it, especially because they don't skimp on the juicy, succulent meat. Major nom.

2. Roamed and grocery shopped through the Farmer's Market in Union Square. I could've spend hours there looking at the beautiful, vibrant produce.

3. Went to Maison Laduree to try their famous macarons. It's their only US shop to open in the states (original location is in Paris) so the place was packed. I can only compare it to Bouchon Bakery's because those are the only other ones I've had and it's very similar in taste. Light, airy, and delicate with just enough of sweetness from the filling. A bit pricey for those wee little things but so worth it.

4. Had the best coffee of my life. I didn't think that could be possible but I was wrong. If you're ever in NYC and love coffee, you MUST stop by Stumptown Coffee. When we first placed our order, we ordered their cappuccino, thinking that it's probably better then their regular house blend. It was tasty but I didn't understand what the hype was about. Since I drink coffee everyday, I decided to buy their coffee beans to take back with me and as I was paying, the barista said it came with a free cup of coffee. Thinking nothing of it, since it was free I drank it with no expectations. But then, I tasted the coffee. Game over. Mind blown. How can their free coffee taste better then their cappuccino?? The coffee tasted smooth, bold, with just the right amount of bitter. I can't get over this place. Just. Cant.

5. I wanted to take my sister to the famous Halal carton 53rd street for the chicken over rice. I've tried this cart out several times over the years but only came in the wee hours of night (it's opened until 3 or 4am) for late night grubbing with friends. I was surprised to see a line during the middle of the day but it's to be expected. The food is cheap and so, so good. The chicken is juicy and flavorful, the rice is fluffy, and the white sauce is crack. Just be wary on how much red sauce you put on it because it's SPICY. I have a pretty high tolerance when it comes to spicy things but this red sauce is dangerous.

6. Shopped in Soho and picked up a couple of new things. I'll just leave it at that=)

How was your weekend?

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