Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Snapshots

This weekend I...

1. Delved into the pages of the Sept issues of some of my favorite food and fashion magazines. The Sept issue of Vogue is always the biggest issue of the year, so it's always interesting who they pick as their cover model.

2. Had a craving for fish tacos so I went to Pica Taco, my favorite Mexican hole in the wall place in D.C. to satisfy the craving. Another favorite taco of mine on their menu is the chorizo taco. A must if you like a little spicy kick in your meat.

3. Made spicy basil chicken using the basil leaves from my parent's garden. Before the cold weather hits, I want to use as much of the fresh basil that I can since there won't be anymore home grown basil until next year. Sadness. Home cooked meal and watching Downton Abbey equates to perfect Sunday evening.

4. Started researching hotels for my upcoming trip to Portugal. Tickets have been bought and I recently decided to add Madrid to the itinerary, since Spain is a train ride away. I'm getting excited for this upcoming travel because it's been almost a year since I've last traveled out of the country which is a bit unusual for me. My friends always make fun of me because over the years, I would travel internationally every 4 months or so. If you've been to Lisbon/Madrid, I'd love to hear your thoughts/suggestions on either places.

How was your weekend?

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  1. I totally devoured the Vogue Sept issue this weekend! its massive!

    love from San Francisco,