Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Snapshots

This weekend I....

1. Spent my Saturday afternoon hanging out with my mom for some a little mother/daughter bonding time. The gracious people at Blowout Bar DC invited my mom and I to check out their salon/service. I'm no expert when it comes to styling hair so this was a treat to get my hair styled. The salon is located in Washington, DC and only service updo's ($70) and blow outs--not cuts or colors. Price point is $35 for a full service blow out which includes shampoo, complimentary drinks, and a blow out where you can pick from 5 different styles. I chose the Grace which is soft curls/loose waves. I would recommend this place for special occasions such as prom, wedding, birthday, bachelorette parties, or if you just wanna treat yourself;) Thank you to the Blowout Bar DC team for being so gracious to my mom and I. Xo.

2. Had a craving for Thai food but haven't found a good one in the NOVA area. My favorite Thai places are located in DC which are Thai-Xing and Little Serow but they serve family style which is great when you're ready for a big meal or if you have a big group. Fortunately I found a place that wasn't too far from home called Absolute Thai to satisfy my craving. I would rate this place as above average. Thumbs up to the papaya salad and green curry. They could've could've gone easier on the salt factor with the drunken noodle dish but there's always hot chili sauce to counter balance that;)

3. Made strawberry lemonade sangria. Again. Earlier last week I had a couple of girlfriends who came over to hang out and made them this drink and it was such a hit that I had to make it again this weekend for some other friends that were over. I blended whole lemons and fresh strawberries and added sparkling white wine. Hello, summer. Will share recipe soon.

4. Have been using this moroccan oil for the face that my parents gave me from their recent trip to Morocco/Spain and amazed at how smooth and moisturized my skin has become. Josie Maran sells a line of Argan oil at Sephora which I highly recommend. Great for sensitive skin. 

5. Caught up with my friend Mel over my favorite summer Korean dessert, bing-soo at Breeze Bakery in Annandale, VA. There are different variations of this dessert but it's basically shaved ice mixed with condensed milk, topped with fresh fruits, mochi, sweet red beans, and either froyo or gelato. So ridiculously good.

How was your weekend?

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