Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Snapshots

This weekend I...

1. Bought a new coffee gadget for my kitchen, the Eva Solo coffee maker. My morning routine always involves a good cup of coffee and I've been eyeing this coffee maker for a couple of months now. I've been hesitant about purchasing it because of the price point for just a glass carafe and well, I'm content with the Bodum French Press I use. Earlier last week I happened to be reading an article on David Chang (the mastermind behind the Momofuku restaurant empire in NYC) and he was asked what his 5 favorite things were and he named the Eva Solo as one of them. Well, if it's good enough for David Chang, then it's good enough for me. Not only do I love the cool, sleek design on it (it reminds me of those flasks I used in chem. class), but the glass carafe can also be used to serve cold beverages. I'll probably end up adding lemon slices in the carafe and add water to it or perhaps Sangria;) There is also a neoprene jacket that comes along with this device (not pictured) which helps keeps the coffee warm (Neoprene is what keeps divers warm in water). This has been a total gamechanger to my morning coffee routine. Serious. It made my Stumptown coffee beans sing. I even bought one for my parents since I was so impressed.

2. Started Latisse. Being Asian, I am not blessed with thick, long eyelashes and I've been going back and forth on if I should try Latisse out for almost a year. It's prescription based so naturally there are potential side effects to it.  Long story short, I met up with a friend (who's Asian) last week for dinner and throughout the meal I kept noticing how gorgeous her lashes were and thought she was wearing fake eyelashes the whole time. I didn't want to point blank ask her if she was, but we got on the subject of prescription drugs and she told me she's been using Latisse! I couldn't believe her eyelashes looked so full and long from using it so after asking her more questions on her experience with it (very satisfied), I was pretty much sold on using this product. We shall see in the next couple of months...

3. Celebrated a couple of friend's birthdays at Capital Grille. It happens to be my favorite steak restaurant in the DMV area so it was a guaranteed good time. Friends+good food=win win situation.

4. Successfully completed my month long personal shopping ban! I'm actually quite proud of myself for being good and sticking to this promise because there have been SO many sales this past month. So painful. The first purchase I made after the ban was this Chanel perfume, Chance. I first encountered this scent in Germany while shopping and was kinda blown away by the smell. I rarely wear perfume and don't buy it for myself (majority have been gifts and they pretty much collect dust) but the scent smells so intoxicatingly good, I had to buy it. It's not overpowering and there are notes of floral and citrus...really lovely.

How was your weekend?

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