Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Snapshots

This weekend I....

1. Finally bought saffron to add to my spice rack. I've been on the fence about getting this because it's so expensive to "experiment" in the kitchen with but I've been wanting to make a Moroccan lentil soup and chicken tagine which requires saffron in the recipes, so expect to see recipes for it soon!

2. Organized an apple picking outing for my friends and I. My friend and I have been wanting to go apple picking now that Fall is here so I looked up various orchards last week and happily found one (Homestead Farm) that grew Fuji apples (my favorite type). During the research, I found that most of the farms only sell Fuji apples in their market and not grow them so I was excited to check out Homestead Farm for that sole reason alone (they also have more varieties then any other farms I looked into such as granny smith, cameo, sun crisp). I asked Melanie if she was interested in the outing and she was just as excited as we were. The farm is one of the largest I've seen and they have a plethora of freshly grown vegetables in their market. Along with the 17 lbs of apples I picked, I also bought heirloom tomatoes.  I highly recommend this place. Great place for kids as well with pumpkin picking and hayrides going on now.

3. Went to brunch at Sugo Cicchetti (same owners as Cava) after apple picking. I've been here for dinner which left a good impression on me so I was curious about their weekend brunch. We didn't realize that brunch was unlimited ($30 including drinks) which was fine by us since it was a better opportunity to try as many dishes as we wanted to. Highlights for me from the brunch were the chicken and waffles, deviled truffle eggs, and the breakfast pizza. Great place for brunch with friendly service.

4.  Met up with my mom for a mother/daughter shopping date. She's been on the hunt for a new bag to wear casually and wanted my input on a couple of bags she had in mind. While shopping at Neiman Marcus, we noticed Christmas decorations were displayed already. What happened to Thanksgiving?? I'm still trying to enjoy Fall...let's slow it down. I mean, really.

5. Wanted to share a couple of new hair care products I've been loving lately. Aside from the fact that I need to get a haircut, the ends of my hair have been dry and damaged from the coloring. I will openly admit that I am the worst when it comes to caring for my hair so I decided to change that and look into hair products that might help. So far I've been using a keratin treatment from Pantene after showering which makes my hair feel so soft once it dries. I decided to also start using a heat protectant spray for my hair when I either curl or use a flat iron to my hair and the 'heat defeat' one from John Frieda is excellent. So...I haven't used hair spray since...high school? But I got a blowout at Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon a couple of weeks ago and I noticed they used hair spray to set my curls so while talking to the hair stylist on suggestions for good drug store brands, he recommend Loreal Elnett. I've also read such good things about this hair spray in magazines so I've been using it for my curls to set and it really does its job. After being out for 14 hrs, my curls still stayed in place without it having the hair look like it has any product on it (pic on the left).

How was your weekend?

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  1. What is your hair routine? I'd love to know how you do your curls!