Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend (Holiday) Snapshots

This weekend I...
1. Painted my nails a new polish color. Another weekend, another nail polish color;) It matches my new iPhone case.
2. Did some major damage with my sister from Black Friday shopping.
3. Baked lemon bars for a good girlfriend whose birthday was this weekend. Girlfriend loves anything lemon. Anything.
4. Hung out around the National Gallery of Art during the day on Saturday. Ice-skating!
5. Bought Mandu a new winter jacket to endure the winter weather that we'll be facing soon.
6. Ate at Matchbox because I just love their sliders. They're also known for their pizzas but I'm much more fond of their sliders.
7. Did more shopping. Can't.resist.sales. Isn't the decor at Neiman Marcus gorgeous?

How was your (holiday) weekend?


  1. Lots of shopping! Love it! I also have that JCrew glittery iPhone cover and I love it (though I got the silver version).

  2. My wallet doesn't love it so much=P

  3. Your dog is too adorable in that parka. :)
    You guys did some major damage at Saks. Every time I go up that escalator, I admire the pretty butterflies. I love it.