Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Snapshots

This weekend I...

1. Added new clothes to my spring wardrobe. I bought a couple of shirts from H&M and found Paige colored denims at TJ Maxx! I was surprised to see those there so soon since it's a huge trend right now and usually designer items found from that store are from past seasons. 

2. Stopped by Georgetown cupcakes (my favorite cupcake store) for a mid afternoon snack since the boy lives close by to them. It's a blessing and a curse I tell ya.

3. Picked up new pillows to add to my couch. They're DKNY and I got them at a great deal from....TJ Maxx. Can you tell I love that place?

4. Met up with the boy after work on Friday and went to happy hour to welcome the weekend. The following day, we also helped celebrate my friend's recent engagement at Mrs.K's Tollhouse in Silver Spring, MD. It's a cute place that looks like it was converted into a restaurant from somebody's home. I ordered the venison and it was cooked perfectly. The boy ordered lamp chops but said he liked my venison better=P

5.  Originally had plans to take the boy to Kushi on Sunday night but he was tired from studying and I also felt like hibernating inside because of the sudden blast of cold weather we got that day. So instead, I cooked a pasta dish recipe I got from the www.thepioneer and we both approved. It also yielded lots of leftovers which is a great time saver for this upcoming work week.

How was your weekend?

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