Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Snapshots

This weekend I....

1. Went to dinner at The Source. It was my first time there and loved the romantic ambiance of the place but the food was unfortunately disappointing. It's considered an Asian Fusion restaurant and everything we ordered (sushi rolls, tuna tartar, pork buns, and lamb samosas which aren't pictured) was good but not mind blowing. For the price of certain items on the menu, I expected to be wowed by the dishes but was underwhelmed and not impressed with the flavors from the dishes. Service was good but I would pass on this place in the future. I'm not sure if this place is popular because it has Wolfgang Puck's name on it...

2. Picked up a birthday present for my mom from Chanel. My sister and I knew she's been eyeing a certain piece for awhile, but had no idea we were going to buy it for her on her birthday. Mission accomplished.

3. Bought these super cute gold polka dot mugs from West Elm the that are currently on sale (extra 15% off sale items using code WKND15 and free shipping code FREE4PRES HERE) this past week and used them all weekend. Woke up Saturday morning with a cup of coffee in hand in my new cup and caught up on the latest issue of my favorite glossy.

4. Met up with an old friend I haven't seen in ages (we're talking over a year) and grabbed dinner together at Pearl Dive Oyster Palace. This place has been on my radar for awhile now and am so glad we went. We actually ended up sitting at the Chef's table which is in the kitchen so you can see the backstage action on what goes in the kitchen of the restaurant. The place itself was jam packed and noisy so it was nice to be away from the noise and have a conversation with out the outside noise interfering. I'm not a fan of raw shellfish after a bad seafood poisioning incident several years ago, but we ended up ordering a dozen raw oysters since this is what they're known for. All I have to say is, I would go back and order the oysters from this place again. It tasted so fresh, clean, and smooth. Other items ordered from the menu was the oyster po' boy sandwich, lobster pot pie, and their braised beef appetizer. Flavors were all on point (although the sandwich could've been bigger), prices were reasonable, and the staff was so friendly. They even gave us a complimentary mimosa sorbet (not pictured) for dessert and chocolate truffles to take home with us. Highly recommend this place and have definite plans to return.

5. Was surprised with Georgetown cupcakes (my favorite cupcake place) by a friend who knows me very well. It was such a sweet gesture after having a rough week and was the perfect indulging snack while reading my new book I recently bought.

How was your weekend?

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