Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Snapshots

This weekend I....

1. Dined at Range which is Bryan Voltaggio's (Top Chef contestant) latest restaurant that opened in December. It was supposed to be a night out with two of my favorite girlfriends but one friend got stuck with food poisioning so it ended up being a date night with my other friend. I always love eating out with friends that share the same passion for food as I do because we have no reservations when it comes to ordering whatever and how many dishes we want. We're definitely not what you would call picky eaters. The restaurant boasts a "range" of dishes from crudos to pastas to grilled proteins and has a tapas style plating and between the two of us, we ordered 7 dishes (not including dessert). I only pictured the most memorable dishes from that night which were the lobster mac 'n cheese, cornbread (a bit dry) and bacon marmalade (oh my gosh we literally were scooping the marmalade from the dish straight into our mouths because it was just that good) and the goat cheese ravioli over braised meat ragu. The space is huge and the decor is modern and clean. Great date night option or just a night out with good girlfriends.

2. Wore this striped blazer I bought a couple of weeks ago all throughout the weekend. I have a weakness for stripes (and Alexis Bittar jewelery) and couldn't resist adding another striped piece to my closet.

3. Wanted to have a healthy dinner over the weekend so I cooked my favorite salmon recipe and tried out a new quinoa recipe that was unbelievably good. It's a quinoa black bean burrito bowl which reminds me of a vegetarian burrito bowl at Chipotle, only this recipe uses quinoa. Will share the recipe soon. Xo.

4. Finally got the chance to try out some fancy jams that my photographer friend gifted me with from his weekend trip to Philly. He knows how curious I am when it comes to things I've never tried or may sound strange so he surprised me with a set of jams that had flavors I never would've though of in the form of jam. Thanks again, friend:)

5. Spent one of the days in Baltimore and ended up dining at Jack's Bistro. This place has been on my radar for awhile now but since I don't frequent the Baltimore area often I haven't had the chance to go. I'm so glad we decided on this restaurant because the food was impeccable. Some of the highlights were the chocolate mac n' cheese, Guinness meat and bacon grits (I'm not even a fan of grits but this was my favorite dish), Hickory smoked whole tomato with fried feta cheese (amazing smoky flavor yet still tastes light and fresh) and perfectly cooked sous vide Argentine steak. Highly recommend if ever in the Baltimore area. 

How was your weekend?

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