Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Snapshots

This weekend I...

1. Kicked off the weekend with homemade huevos rancheros for brunch along with some mimosas. Who doesn't love a little bubbly for lunch?;) I used two recipes and made it into one and will share with you soon. Good stuff.

2. Finally got a much needed haircut. The last time I got a haircut was nearly a year ago so you can imagine how unhealthy my ends were. The lady who usually cuts my hair trimmed my bangs too short so that pretty much ruined my afternoon. Maybe I'm being melodramatic but I'm so particular when it comes to my bangs. Ugh.

3. Dined at Washington D.C.'s latest ramen place, Daikaya. I ordered the Shio ramen (with extra pork belly, naturally) which had the most perfect broth. The only negative thing I could say about the ramen bowl was that the noodles were a bit too chewy for me. The perfect bowl of ramen would be the noodles from Sakuramen (also located in DC) and the broth from Daikaya. Oh my gosh, if only.

4. Watched Shear Madness at the Kennedy Center. With out giving too much away, it's basically an interactive whodunit play that allows the audience figure out the murder mystery. It was entertaining to watch but it probably could've been 30 min shorter.

5. Was around Logan Circle since I had an appointment in the area and noticed a sign outside a small wine shop that said free wine tasting. Needless to say, two bottles were picked up.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Try Ren's Ramen in Wheaton! seriously the best ramen in the DC area <3