Monday, January 2, 2012

Weekend Snapshots

This weekend I...

1. Received my first pair of Alice+Olivia shoes I ordered from Saks. Bows+Sparkle=Sold. I was a bit unsure when I initially saw them online but fell in love instantly when I saw these beauties in person. Love love love.
2. Made hot spinach dip using Martha Stewart's recipe for my friend's NYE potluck. Will post recipe soon.
3. Celebrated NYE with several of my good friends at a friend's place. Her bf cooked pork tenderloin (not pictured--ate too fast) using their sous vide machine and the meat was unbelievably tender and delicious. For those of you who are unfamliar with sous vide, it's basically a method of cooking food in a sealed plastic bag in a water bath for a long time (usually 72 hrs) at a precise temperature, which allows the food to cook evenly. You can only imagine how incredibly good a steak will turn out using this thing. I love how my friends enjoy food just as much as I do. Our love of food is one of the things that brings us together.
4. Drank a lot of wine at the party.
5. Finally watched The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo. I've read the book and was not disappointed at how the movie turned out. So, so good. I have a major girl crush on Rooney Mara now. She had the ability to look fierce/tough with all her piercings, tattoos, and punk rock haircut yet exude femininity with her flawless skin and tiny physique. There's a quiet vulnerability in the character she portrays from the book and Mara executed that beautifully in the movie.
6. Painted my nails to fit the New Years holiday. Black and silver are the common colors I see in NYE party favors/decor so I used similar colors on my nails with a twist on the french manicure.

How was your weekend?


  1. I love these shoes! I'm originally from DC and it's always lovely to find new bloggers from the region :) following!

  2. I saw the Dragon Tattoo as well over break. If you haven't watched the Swedish movies, you defit should! I love love love your sparkly nails :)