Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Snapshots


This weekend I....

1. Celebrated my mom's bday. My sister and I ordered an Alexander McQueen scarf she's been lusting over and it was delivered just in time to gift it to her. Not many older ladies can rock a scull scarf but my mom is one of the most fashionable women I know and it just works.

2. Went to Whole Foods to restock on some coffee beans and couldn't resist buying this gorgeous bouquet of roses for my home in the process.

3. Ate at Kushi, my favorite Japanese izakaya restaurant, (which has the best pork belly) with a friend whom I haven't see in months. His work requires him to travel both state side and out of the country constantly so it was a great time catching up. I was disappointed they ran out of the black cod and crispy duck thigh that night. Both are stellar dishes as well.

4. Went to Neiman Marcus to return a pair of shoes for my sister and ended up buying a pair of ankle boots (on sale) for myself in the process. I was supposed to be on a shopping diet but I obviously failed that task. Sigh. I blame my sister for steering me towards Neiman Marcus, thus my purchase. 

5. Was longing for warm weather. It snowed this weekend and has been incredibly cold lately, which made me miss spring/summer. I painted my nails a pastel color because pastels remind me of spring. The color is in Essie's "Absolutely shore."

6. Had to restock on dog food for Mandu and adjacent to Petco was a La-Z-Boy furniture store. I've never been to the store before so I decided to go inside and take a look. I didn't see any furniture I liked but they were having an inventory clearance on certain household items and I picked up this glass stand (?) for 50% off and ended up paying $15, which also included the accessories inside. I'm thinking of putting lemons or baked goods inside as another option though.

7. Ate at BonChon chicken in Virginia, which has the most crispiest, flavor filled (Korean) fried chicken you'll ever eat. I'm not kidding. They only have two flavors available which is spicy or garlic soy sauce but I highly recommend the spicy flavor because the garlic soy sauce tastes too salty in my opinion. I also tried their seasoned fries for the first time and that was foodgasmic as well. I asked them what it was seasoned with and they said it was a mixture of basil, garlic powder, chilli powder, all topped with shredded mozzarella. The dipping sauce on the left is a combination of ketchup, mayo, and sriracha. Holy deliciousness.

How was your weekend?


  1. The color of those flowers is GORGEOUS!


  2. Great photos! I LOVE that glass stand. I saw a similar one at TJ Maxx last month and regret not getting it. And that scarf... love that your mom will rock it!

  3. love those pics!

    what app do you use to split your photos?!

    1. Thanks! I used Pic Stitch, it's an app on the iPhone and it's FREE=)

  4. That mini dessert stand is so cute!

  5. Love your weekend snapshots and I'm always on the lookout for a good Korean restaurant. Even though I live in Bel Air, MD, a good Korean restaurant is worth the drive since actually going to Korea would be much harder (spent 5 years there and miss the food like CRAZY!).