Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend Snapshots

This weekend I...

1. Finally picked out blinds for my new place. Who knew that picking blinds could be so time consuming and detail oriented? As a first time home buyer, there are so many things I was unaware of that I'm learning along the way. It's definitely been a learning process.
2. Took a late night stroll around Georgetown area. We had unusually warm weather (again) this past weekend so it was a beautiful night to enjoy in D.C.
3. Caught up with life happenings with a good friend at Founding Farmers restaurant. My favorite appetizer from that place is their fried green tomatoes. The only other restaurant I had fried green tomatoes at was in New Orleans and it was just as delicious.
4. Made paper stars out of origami paper to add to my jar that's almost full with them. I'll post a DIY tutorial soon so please stay tuned:)
5. Was treated to 1.5lb of fudge by my friend. I have great friends.
6. Spent some quality time with the boy because he came back from Spain yesterday:) He brought 4 bottles of wine back with him. Wine party soon? Holla!

How was your weekend?


  1. Those paper stars are super cute. Make sure you write a review of the wine! I'm a huge wine lover and am always looking for new brands to try.

  2. I love fried green tomatoes! Those look great.
    Nugical Musings

  3. your weekend sounds fantastic! You're lucky to have received all that fudge too, yum :P