Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Snapshots

This weekend I...

1. Stopped by Ikea to stock up on some of their Tindra candles which not only smell divine, but are so cheap. Each candle is $1.99 people! Get on it. I also bought several picture frames because I want to (finally) print pictures of my favorite places I've traveled to around the world and have a wall at my place dedicated just for that.

2. Experimented with some Valentine's day baking. I love chocolate covered pretzels because it has both the sweet and salty component to it. I also decided to add Valentines Days colored sprinkles to give it a nice finishing holiday touch. This was easy, tasty, and cute--what's not to love? Will post recipe later this week

3. The boy cooked dinner for me. He made a delicious dinner of a Chinese noodle dish that consisted of bok choy, pork and mushrooms, along with egg drop soup. Unfortunately in the process he ended up cutting himself pretty badly but that's a whole another post in itself. Sigh.

4. Squeezed in some "me" time which consisted of catching up with my favorite magazines and drinking chocolate wine. Taylor Swift makes me want to buy a big, floppy hat and trim my bangs. Note to self: I'm not Taylor Swift.

5. Bought more Essie nail polish. Hehehehe. They have a line called "Essie Luxe Effects" which consists of glittery polish and well ya know me...I can't resist sparkle. The colors I purchased are "a cut above" and "set in stones."

6. Received an email from Refinery 29's DC editor asking if she could use this outfit I posted about a week ago to feature in her article, "The Perfect Outfit," and well, I obviously said yes and thank you! Check it out:

How was your weekend?


  1. Great recap! Those valentine's day pretzels are such a great idea ... I can't wait to see the recipe! I may make them for my office! And I can't believe how cheap those candles are! I haven't been to an Ikea in ages; I may need to make a trip soon.


  2. food, fashion and beauty weekend! sounds girly and fun.

    xo Victoria

  3. I got one of those sparkly Essie nail polishes and they are so fun!
    BTW, congrats on the Refinery 29 feature.

  4. Vday baking! YUM,YUM!! can you please teach me how to make beautiful, yummy food! like we need a get together asap!