Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Snapshots

This weekend I...

1. Finally decided on a BB cream that's perfect for my skin. I have been testing BB creams for several months with many different cosmetic brands (Dr. Jart, Clinique, Dr. Brandt, and Dior) and really love how Boscia absorbs into my skin. It has great coverage w/o it being too heavy and though there is one color for the line, it blends perfectly well with my skin tone. I was debating between Dior's and Boscia's but ended up buying Boscia's because Dior's cosistency felt more like a foundation, which is what I didn't want since I use mineral powder on my skin. I don't like the feeling of wearing so much make up on my skin. I also picked up a new nail polish color, which I'm currently loving;)

2. Picked up some winter accessories at H&M to keep me warm from the cold weather. I received a 20% coupon off one item that is valid until 12/31 that I used HERE. Go to the last page for the coupon. Enjoy. Xo.

3. Went to Lincoln restaurant for the first time and fell in love with the space. The food is served as small plates and is meant to share which I like because you can order several things off the menu to enjoy an array of dishes. I couldn't take pics of the dishes I ordered because the lighting in the restaurant is very dim but the one pic I was able to somewhat snap was a picture of their amazing mac n' cheese and bone marrow dish. Another stand out dish was the butternut squash risotto, which had the most perfect creamy texture to it. The decor is impressive with mason jars used as lighting fixtures and pennies covering the floor of the restaurant. It's definitely a place I would come back to.

4. Went to see Twilight with my friend Mel. I've been a fan of these books since they came out so I had to see the last installment of the movie, naturally. The movies obviously don't have anything on the books but it was one of those things I had to see to close the chapter on the movies.

5. Had a craving for Poutine. My usual go to place for this junk food dish is at Victorias Gastro Pub in Columbia, Maryland. It's a French-Canadian dish that is french fries fried in duck fat then topped with cheese curds and gravy. Additional ingredients can be added and the restaurant I went to adds duck meat on top of the french fries. Not pictured is the lobster grilled cheese and escargot. Everything was decadent, delicious, and gym inducing to say the least.

How was your weekend?


  1. You had a really busy weekend, love it. My weekend was good, Saturday was busy but then Sunday I was able to relax a little more.

  2. Lots of stuff! I also saw Twilight and loved it. I need to head to H&M to pick up some gloves. Happy Thanksgiving!